Carpet Cleaners in Hawaii.

Carpet Cleaners in Hawaii

Commercial Carpet Cleaning & Commercial Carpet Care

What type of carpet is found in most commercial environments?
Commercial Glue Down, or CGD is found in the vast majority of commercial facilities. You will also find low pile carpet with padding (usually double stick installation) in many hotel and residential high-rise hallways. This carpet is made of all synthetic fibers, is very flat, durable, looped end, and loves oil!

How do most companies clean these carpeted areas?
We’ve observed two trends:
1) Many companies rely primarily on equipment that is more suited for residential carpet care. Often, the equipment is not powerful enough to thoroughly clean tough commercial soils, and tends to leave the carpet very wet. Others use methods that leave a lot of residue on the carpet, thus causing it to re-soil quickly.
2) In addition, many companies invest most of their resources on a truck-mounted unit. These units are great for cleaning carpet in houses, and adequate for ground floor facilities. Unfortunately, these units cannot be used for the many, many high rises in Hawaii. As a result, these companies have under-powered, “back-up” portable equipment that they’ve invested very little in to clean high-rises. The results, once again are not acceptable.

What are the unique challenges of carpet care in high-traffic facilities?
The big 4 are:
1) Recurring spill stains. You’ve probably seen these throughout your facility. After the carpets are cleaned, these stains wick back up to the top.

2) Rapid Re-soiling. Carpets get dirty again soon after cleaning. This is due to inadequate soil removal and cleaning detergent build up. It’s like your carpet becomes a dirt magnet!
3) Drying. Due to constant usage, commercial carpets need to be dry as soon as possible. An hour or two would be desired.
4) Poor appearance. Over time, inadequate cleaning results in uglier and uglier carpets!

Why are we called “Commercial Carpet Care Specialist?”
Every piece of equipment that we have invested in is primarily designed to clean commercial carpets. We have devoted all of our resources in obtaining the industry’s best tools, chemistries, and training to meet the unique needs of the commercial environment. Also, all of our equipment is portable, yet very powerful. Thus, we can clean any facility on the island.


  • WholeClean care program
  • EnviroPact eco friendly cleaning
  • Restores dirty, tired carpets
  • Soil retardant – stays cleaner longer
  • Recurring spill stain treatment
  • Low moisture cleaning – dries fast
  • Exceptional service guaranteed
  • Reasonable rates
Before ProClean Carpet Cleaning Services
After ProClean Carpet Cleaning Services
Before ProClean Carpet Cleaning Services
After ProClean Carpet Cleaning Services

We Are Also Residential Carpet Cleaners in Hawaii

Our expertise in carpet cleaning doesn’t end at commercial carpet cleaning. We have the tools and know-how to get your residential carpets looking their best! Our unique but highly effective method of carpet cleaning dries fast and doesn’t just leave your carpets “looking” clean – they ARE clean!

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